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Le Wagon turns 10 and has empowered over 26,000 alumni to change the world.
To celebrate, we're granting tech training to those who will continue this journey of impact.
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Share your project, win a bootcamp!

How do you want to make a difference with a career in tech? Whether it's building an app for environmental sustainability, developing inclusive tech solutions, or using AI to improve access to healthcare, we want to hear from you.

Best ideas will earn a spot in our bootcamp, an intro course, or a training voucher.

The best projects will earn a spot in our bootcamp, intro courses or a training voucher

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10 years of shaping
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Dive into the stories of resilience, innovation, and success as our alumni pave the way for a brighter future in the tech industry. Discover how their journeys can inspire your own path to success.

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Meet our alumni who have made an impact
Joseph Gulay
Data Engineer
Meet Joe, who transitioned from packaging engineer to Data Engineer. Beyond his professional achievements, Joe dedicates his expertise to volunteer at the Good Data Institute, making a meaningful social impact.
Mathilde Lefrançois
Meet Mathilde, Co-Founder of Farmitoo, Europe's leading online farm shop. Farmitoo empowers farmers across Europe with choice, convenience, and competitive prices, while fostering community and sustainability in agriculture.
Clara Morgeneyer
Software Engineer
Meet Clara, who transitioned from Research Assistant to Software Engineer. Diving into a new field, Clara's journey illustrates the profound impact of acquiring new skills
Marie Logé
Meet Marie, Co-Founder of Better, an app connecting individuals with projects, embodying a commitment to inclusive philanthropy.

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